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About This Deal

AXE THROWERS will enjoy practicing their aim and competing with their family, friends, and colleagues. Axe-throwing is an exciting, competitive activity. A participant throws axes to hit specific targets while playing different competitive games in a safe environment within our axe-throwing cage/trailer. 

The minimum number of people listed on the purchase is our axe-throwing tailer’s recommended size for the hour(s). The average person takes 3 minutes to throw three axes. For an hour, approximately 20 people could throw three axes for three minutes. You can have more people throw and or attend your event; if every person were to throw, it would minimize the available time per person. 

For YOUR PLACE EVENTS: The event takes place in our axe-throwing cage/trailer. Please note a 45 feet x 10 feet – footprint is required for trailer placement. Usually, street parking in front of the house will work depending on the road width and clearances. 

For OUR VENUES & LOCATIONS: We partner with other venues, such as brewery locations, resturants, and food truck locations. We have space at those locations and parthernships with those locations to assist wth the booking. Please call for assistance at (415) AXE-0411 (293-0411) 

We encourage our clients to plan the event around group competitions, allowing multiple people to enjoy the event. Some clients already know what they want and start competitions from the beginning. We do a lot of coaching, and it takes about 1-hour to run through most people who have not thrown axes. Once the throwers feel comfortable, we’ll typically step aside to allow competitions to be self-managed. 

We come to your private event space/location, and we cost less than “going” to axe-throwing. Up to 40 Miles Distance to/from San Jose 95133 – FREE. Over 40 Miles Distance to/from San Jose 95133 – $4/Mile. The total milage cost to be charged at final billing.

Set up and enjoy your food and catering at your place. We do have a catering company we partner with, so please let us know, and we can help there too.

  • No cap on participation!
  • No restrictions on your catering!
  • You DO NOT pay extra for coaching from our onsite Lumberjack!
  • Projector with moving targets available for nighttime use only. (Projectors is a $50 extra charge)
  • The participation cap is left up to you based on the experience you want to provide your throwers. The following is an easy way to calculate your experience. For 20 throwers, if each person threw for 3 mins, you could throw for an hour (20ppl x 3 Mins = 60 Minutes). We do not recommend that high of a ratio because then your throwers would not be able to play competitive games. Thus, we set minimums per hour (10ppl for 1 hour, 20 ppl for 2 hours, and 30 ppl for 3 hours) to help gauge your axe-throwing experience. However, you can have as many people as you want at your party and run your allotted/purchased time as you see best for your event.
  • We provide Veterans and First-Responders Discounts. However, the discount cannot be combined with other disounts.
  • We require a 45 foot, semi-level footprint for the event truck and trailer placement. Most street parking is wide enough. The width has to be at least 10 feet wide to allow for passing vehicles. In some cases, the truck can be removed from the trailer. We have jack stabilizers for the trailer but only for slight deviations in elevation.
  • A participant throws axes to hit specific targets in a safe environment.
  • Must be 18 years of age and sign a waiver. 
  • Age approved-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the throwing and must sign a waiver. In our experience younger than seven, have a difficult time trying to throw the weighted axe and is not entirely fun for them.
  • Our cage is wheelchair accessible; we just need to know ahead of time for planning. The ramp is made to accommodate other wheelchair ramps or can act as a wheelchair ramp.

Fine Print

Valid only within 50 miles of zip code 95133, please call for further distances. Online reservation required, same-day reservations accepted—no reselling purchases. Must sign waiver; arrive early to read rules and sign waiver. Younger than 18 must have a parent/guardian-signed waiver, and the parent/guardian must be present during the throwing. The trailer needs a 45-foot, semi-level footprint in the event space. The lumberjack may be busy with setup and or safety and may not be able to provide coaching continuously throughout the event, but they will try their best to.

In most cases, the lumberjacks will need 15 to 30 minutes to set up before the event time. All tickets/reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Reschedule & Cancellation Policy

Purchases are non-refundable. Reschedules made 72-24 hours before your originally scheduled time are subject to a $10 per person rescheduling fee. Less than 24 hours’ notice is considered a no-show, and no reschedules will be permitted, and no-shows will be charged.

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