Game Instructions


Play ZERO is an exciting axe throwing game that can be played by individuals or teams. The number of points each team starts with depends on the size of the team:

  • Teams of 1 to 3 players start with 30 points.
  • Teams of 4 to 5 players start with 60 points.

The goal of the game is to be the first team to reach exactly 0 points by scoring with each throw. Each bullseye (red) is worth 6 points, a 5-ring is worth 5 points, a 4-ring is worth 4 points, a 3-ring is worth 3 points, a 2-ring is worth 2 points, the outside ring is worth 1 point, and the clutch (blue) is worth 7 points. If you go over 0 points, you’ll need to hit the exact negative number to bring your score back to 0 and win the game. Get ready for an exciting challenge with Play ZERO!



Ready for some axe-throwing fun? Here’s how to play: Set the clock for 1 minute. Each player will have 60 seconds to throw their axe and try to score as many points as possible. The target is marked with different scoring zones and points are awarded based on where the axe lands. If a player calls a “clutch” and makes the clutch zone, they will the game for their team. However, if they miss, they won’t earn any points for that throw. At the end of the game, the team with the highest score wins. Get ready to test your skills and see who comes out on top!



Zombies vs Humans is a fun and exciting game that can be played by individuals or teams. The objective is to have the highest combined score, which starts at 0. The score can be either positive for the humans or negative for the zombies.

In this game, the humans aim to reach a score of +15, while the zombies aim to reach a score of -15. If either team reaches their goal, they win the game.

Each turn, each team/individual gets three throws. The combined score of their throws will determine the overall score. So get ready to put your aim to the test and play as either a human or a zombie in this thrilling game!



Axe Throwing is a game for individuals or teams, with the objective of reaching a total score of 21 points. Before the game starts, players or teams will choose 3 predetermined target numbers, such as 6, 10, and 14. The goal is to reach each of these numbers in sequence before moving on to the next one. For example, if you have 5 points and hit a “3” on your next turn, your score will remain at 5 and you’ll need to continue trying to reach the target number of 6. The first team or player to reach a total score of 21 points wins the game.



Each team will take turns throwing 3 axes at the target. The objective is to hit all sections of the target, in any order. The first team to successfully hit all the target sections wins the game. To allow for more players to participate, the number of throws per team can be limited to 2.



The objective of the axe throwing game is to score the highest number of points. Each player takes three turns per round, with the team that accumulates the most points declared the winner. If there are two players, the game consists of five rounds. If there are three or more players, the game consists of three rounds. Clutch points, which are worth extra points, must be called before throwing. If the clutch is not hit, the player will not receive any points for that throw.



Axe Throwing: The Objective is to Reach 50 Points. The game can be played by individuals or teams. The first team to reach a total score of 50 points wins. However, be careful as there are “landmines” every multiple of 10 points (10, 20, 30, 40, 50). If you hit a landmine, your team’s score will decrease by 10 points. For example, if your team has a score of 15 and you hit a target that increases your score to 20, you will then go back down to 10. The goal is to reach 50 points while avoiding the landmines.